Parent’s Night

Parent’s Night is coming up, so mark your calendars!

Elementary Parent’s Night is Monday, March 2 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.

Primary Parent’s Night comes in two parts, Monday, March 2 or Tuesday, March 3. Both events are from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.


What is Parent’s Night and why is it important to come?

Parent’s night is your chance to come observe your child and the work they do at school. Your child’s work at school is focused on work with materials. The best way to experience what they love is to come to school with them! This night, we invite you in to be ab observer and classmate.

Equally important to learning about what your chid does is the opportunity to show your child how proud you are as a parent. Mom and Dad, you are the most important people in your child’s life! This is an opportunity for your child to share a big part of their life with you, and for you to show your son or daughter how impressed you are with their growth and learning.

Please keep in mind that we present this night as an opportunity for you and your child to be in the classroom together. It is important that your child have your focused attention. If you have questions or clarifications about materials or concerns, please make an appointment to meet with the Head Teacher for a future time.


Parent’s Night Guidelines

  1. Do not bring brothers or sisters. This is your child’s time to spend with Mom and/or Dad.
  2. Please speak quietly and as little as possible. Large amounts of noise and loud talk can distract a child and ruin his or her concentration and/or work cycle.
  3. Follow your child.  Wait for your child to lead the way and respect his or her right to show you what he or she wants. Please do not suggest activities or ask to be shown specific work. If your child seems lost or has a hard time making a choice, a teacher in the classroom will help guide your child to work.
  4. Observe and do not interrupt. Respect your child’s work. Look for concentration, awareness of the work cycle with a beginning, middle, and end to a task, and how your child does in accomplishing a task.
  5. Do not correct your child. If work is at their growing end, often your child will make errors. Correcting your child is often perceived by the child as a put down. It is the Teacher’s role to observe and take mental notes on the situation. She will asses weather;
    1. Repetition will correct the error
    2. Another lesson is needed with the material
    3. The child is not really ready for this work and needs to repeat a previous work before another lesson will be given.

We truly hope you will be able to join your child for this valuable event!


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