2014: A great year to be a student at SMS


The school year is getting geared up to be an outstanding year!

There are always constants at SMS, such as the authentic and well implemented Montessori curriculum and guiding philosophy. Set in an well preserved building on Stillwater Avenue on the edge of the Penobscot River, students learn in a beautifully prepared environment. The primary classroom offers a multitude of nooks, crannies, and reading corners in the old house. The elementary classroom offers an expansive space with large windows in the renovated barn. More than 15 pets are carefully placed around the rooms, inviting children to learn, explore, and care about their school. The Classroom teachers cultivate a Montessori experience that is enriched by an extensive cultural curriculum complete with hands-on materials, unit-specific books and text resources, as well as guest speakers and field trips that enhance student learning in an authentic manner.



What makes this year unique?

  • SMS is the lucky recipient of a Pollinator Grant, allowing us to study, design, and build pollinator habitats in the community. Students will not only learn about the roles of pollinators but have the chance to do something, creating pollinator habitats and homes in the community. This important service learning activity will be implemented by the Elementary class in conjunction with E-Club.
  • The elementary class will help out with National Geographic’s GeoTour. This interactive map-making program will allow students to apply their knowledge of land and water forms to their home state of Maine. Students will develop their technology skills as they participate in a meaningful geography experience.

To learn more about SMS, contact Joe Alex.


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